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Family Raised for your home!

Welcome! My name is Amara and I am a 3rd generation Dalmatian breeder located in Kansas City, KS. I have owned Dalmatians my entire life and couldn't imagine my life without them (I am currently owned by four Dals). As a junior exhibitor (many years ago), I showed my Dalmatian, Freckles, across the state of Kansas to many obedience Championships. We also competed in many talent competitions with her fun "tricks".

By day I am a professional Equestrian, and horse breeder, and work with horses every day.  That means my dogs are with me 24/7!  Our Dalmatians are family dogs being raised in my home. They love to come to the barn to hang out and get even more love and pets from my clients (lots of kids!). Getting to raise Dalmatian puppies and share my love of the breed is a dream come true! 

I also have an BS in Animal Science and spent several years as a veterinary intern.  I love learning more about the animals I live my life for!  Together, my husband James and I raise a couple litters a year to bring a little spotted joy to your family :-) 



Blossom (Chaos X Zara CKC registered)

Blossom (Chaos X Zara)
Aunt Jasmine (dal cross we rescued as a puppy)


chaos may2020.jpg

Aunt Jasmine (spayed dal cross we rescued as a puppy)
  (Jasmine is a great teacher for our pups!)
Cookies (Chaos X Zara, owned and loved by a friend of ours)
Blossom (Chaos X Zara)

Chaos (CKC registered)


Ducky (CKC registered liver Dalmatian), 6 months


Blossom & Ducky are the best of friends!


(Baby) Blossom & Auntie Jasmine!

Health Information

As part of our commitment to the breed, our dogs are genetically tested to make sure your puppies' parents are healthy and are passing on good genetics!  Their genetic testing is public, and can be viewed by clicking on the photos below.


chaos may2020.jpg

Tally Ho Major Chaos
registered CKC
Embark Genetic Tested



Tally Ho Princess Zara
registered CKC
Embark Genetic Tested



Tally Ho Lucky Ducky
registered CKC
Embark Genetic Tested


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